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Third World Countries Businesses Initiatives
Third World Countries Businesses Initiatives

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 Third World Countries Business Initiatives

is a business dedicated to promote the well-being and prosperity of  poor people around the world.  According, to the United Nations "poverty was defined as the condition characterized by severe deprivation of human needs, including food, safety, drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. The international standard of extreme poverty is set to the possession of less than 1 $ a day." (UNESCO, 2017)


The purpose of this website is to assist those in need of opportunities around the globe, offering to talented individuals income alternatives through their creativity, ingenuity and initiative.  Third World Countries Businesses Initiatives' goal is to sustain, nurture and preserve the ARTS and artists at risk of disapearing due to hardship, caused by socio-economic conditions in Third World Countries.  A possible source of supplemental household income is what Third World Business Inititiaves is offering, a free exposure to the internet to talented world craftsmen who are living in third world countires.


Therefore, Vendors can participate in this website, using the FREE ACCESS via email to this webpage service. After approval, Third World Countries world Artists may want to upload one photo of their artistic creation; along with it, a detailed description of their art-work. Once the first step is done, vendor's products are ready to be sold online.


Third World Countries Business Initiatives is the initial point of contact between the buyer and seller. A seller may opt to upload a photo, describing the product's dimensions, colors, materials used in the elaboration of their art work, a brief native story and a tag price. Also, personal information such as name, telephone numbers, e-mail, postal address and country made.  A product should not weight more than 25 pounds and it should not be made of hazardous or consumable materials.  To  start uploading your photo.

Please, go to


Participants will be able to present and sell their original art pieces through Third World Countries Business Initiatives website. Artists'products must be registered at post offices.  Product's registration must contain contact information and product's description. A tracking number will be a sign of good faith on behalf of the seller.  And buyers should act in a good faith as well when they purchase hand-made products online. These hand-made products should be bought with money orders as a sign of good faith. The buyer must be send a money order confirmation to the seller.  All pertinent information from both parties need to be shared to made transactions legitamate and possible.


The services that Third World Countries Business Initiatives are philanthropics and there is no initial cost or hidden charges to sellers for posting their artifacts at Third World Countries Business Initiatives website, it is up to the seller and buyer to come together and agree upon terms and conditions of buying and selling. This website serves as a point of contact between the buyer and seller.  It makes me very happy to be able to help families around the globe. I only hope that this website will help to improve and sustain people's lives some how, people who live in extreme economic conditions. 


I want to make clear that this is the beginning of a philanthropic business initiative idea and I welcome participants who want to help artists, communities and families around the world. I am expecting that, over time, Third World Countries Businesses Initiatives will turn into a stronger entity, working visionarily, more efficiently and effectively, responding to the needs of the most needy. 

I am aware that a lot more needs to be done to make this idea grow.  Because this initiative won't flourish if funds are not available for artists who live in Third World Countries. I am proposing the creation of FUNDS for Third World Countries Businesses that will help to organize, coordinate, plan and elaborate strategies to reach-out philanthropic goals.


My efforts will be focused on promoting this business initiative, creating FUNDS for Third World Countries Artists and make the money available for talented artists in need of financial support.  Third World Countries Businesses Intiatives goal is to create FUNDS and financially asssist worldwide artists with mailing costs. Therefore, reinforcing countries infrastructures and sustaining economies described by the UNESCO.  We know that registrations and mailing costs can turn very costly in Third World Countries and  1 $ dollar donation can mean so much for families with no incomes. On my behalf, I will keep marketing the idea for creating FUNDS that will financially assist Thirld World Countries artists' mailing costs. If you want to know more about this Business Initiatives e-mail me at


and for donations e-mail at










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